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Red October

October 19, 2012   

For those of you who are Phillies Phans, you will understand the reference in my title to what we like to call “Red October,” which is when the Phillies are in the Major League Baseball playoffs competing to be the World Series champions.  Unfortunately, the Phillies didn't start playing well until too late in the regular season, so they did not make it to the playoffs for the first time in five years.  However, I was being a traitor and rooting for the New York Yankees because Raul Ibanez, an ex-Phillie and my favorite player ever, was on the Yankees this year and doing fantastic, but they were knocked out of the playoffs by the Detroit Tigers.  Oh, baseball!

So then you might ask me, what is there left in October?  Baseball is almost over, fall break (where we get a half week of classes) has passed, and my workload is astronomically high.  Never fear, though, because it's fall!  Fall in central New York is beautiful. The leaves are changing to deep shades of red and orange, making Hamilton a picturesque archetype of what fall is supposed to be.  I always love to stop and admire the beauty of the campus at this time of the year because soon enough the leaves will all fall off of the trees and everything will be covered in a perpetual layer of white snow.  Although it's starting to get colder, I love to wear my comfy fleeces and at least I don’t need to put on my winter coat just yet.

The best part about fall at Hamilton is the Clinton Cider Mill.  Their cider and donuts are always offered around campus to get people to come to events because they are SO GOOD.  I can’t even begin to describe how much I love them.  The cider is just perfectly sweet and the donuts are to die for (especially the ones with the sugar on them!).  I try to have them whenever possible because the Cider Mill is only open until Thanksgiving.  They are a staple of fall at Hamilton.  For example, just the other day, my Chemistry lab professor asked us what snacks we wanted for when we had to give presentations instead of doing an experiment.  She offered up great suggestions, but the entire class shouted, “Cider Mill donuts!”  In addition to munching on these treats, one of my favorite places to go downtown is the actual Cider Mill.  It's this really cute place located on a street just off of College Hill Road.  The atmosphere is always happy and refreshing because everyone is waiting to get delicious cider products!  They make all of their goods on site and sometimes if you're lucky, you can get a hot, freshly fried donut.  They also serve hot cider, cider slushies, and sell all types of delicious pies.  If you’re up on the Hill during fall, you must go visit the Clinton Cider Mill… you won’t regret it!