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Welcome and Congrats!

April 1, 2013   

Congratulations to the new accepted students! I heard that admissions decisions went out last Thursday. I received an acceptance letter last Thursday as well - for a summer internship!  I am waiting to see if I get anything else before accepting, but I am really excited about the opportunity. I am equally excited to be rid of the recurring nightmare in which I don't get any internships, and am stuck at home while my friends intern for exciting places in DC and New York.

Finding and securing an internship, however, is nowhere near as harrowing as finding a college. My friends and I were reminiscing today about our own college searches. And I am truly sorry that you are going through that right now, because I still remember how stressful it was. Seems like everyone around me is stressing about their future right now - my senior friends are trying to find jobs, everyone else is looking for summer internships, and you all are looking for colleges! Whew. Spring can be a rough time.

When my college search first started, I was looking for a medium-sized school in a city. Moreover, I am from Kentucky, meaning that I never saw more than three inches of snow at a time growing up. Clinton, New York didn't exactly fit the bill. But I came to Hamilton on a visit and was surprised to discover how much I liked it. Now, three years later, I truly love it here. In my opinion, it really comes down to making the most out of where you are. Then again, in my opinion it is easier to find and take advantage of opportunities at a small liberal arts school like Hamilton. Just in the past year I studied abroad in China, got a new on-campus job (this!) and joined two new student organizations. 

Looking back, I wish that I had spent more time talking with college students both during my college search and throughout the decision-making process. It is hard to get a good sense of a school through statistics and a couple hours spent on a college visit. So if anyone reading this is a prospective student and wants to learn more about Hamilton, feel free to email me at eesterha@hamilton.edu. No guarantees that I have all the answers, but I will do my best!