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Spring Break and Internships

March 27, 2013   

Hamilton is pretty much the only school I know that has a two-week spring break, and I’m so thankful!  I love Hamilton so much and miss being on the Hill, but it’s nice to get away from the snow and it will (hopefully!) all be melted by the time we get back.

Also, having two weeks off allows us to do so many different things that a one-week vacation does not allow.  For example, one of the most popular things to do over break is to go on an Alternative Spring Break trip.  ASB trips travel all over the East coast to do community service for a week.  Students help build homes with Habitat for Humanity, work with elementary school children, and do community repair in areas devastated by natural disasters.  Usually, these trips are scheduled for only one of the weeks of break, so students can still have some time at home to relax.

My spring break has consisted of eating lots of good food, sleeping, and spending time with my family and friends.  However, the highlight has been having my dog, Grover, sleep at the foot of my bed every night.  I miss him so much at school, and it’s the best to have my furry dog give me kisses to wake me up instead of my alarm clock.  It’s been really nice to rest and recharge so I’ll be all ready for the second half of the semester once we get back. 

Also over spring break, I’ve been finalizing my plans for a summer internship.  I’m hoping to do biomedical research this summer at one of the universities located in Philadelphia.  I’ve been emailing and meeting with researchers whose research profiles I'm interested in.  I also applied to a few internship programs, but the thing that I have discovered is that you really have to make your own way.  Formal programs are awesome, but reaching out and networking is the way to go.  So, I’ve taken the initiative and have been contacting people on my own, even if this means taking an unpaid internship.  However, Hamilton’s Career Center offers internship funding to help cover the expenses associated with an unpaid internship.  It’s a great opportunity to get an internship, and Hamilton will help support you if you need the extra funding to support you in getting career- related experience.

Well, I’m off to hang out with some friends and enjoy my last few days at home.  But, I can’t wait to be back up on the Hill and enjoy the spring weather!