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Finding Summer Internships

March 19, 2012   

Internship searching is a fifth class (or in my case, a sixth). 

I am scrambling to find some sort of summer opportunity in New York, Washington, LA, or San Francisco.  My academic classes and out-of-class commitments have consumed my life this semester, leaving me little free time to think about post-sophomore year. Usually, time management is not an issue for me.  It still isn’t.  I just haven’t had sufficient time to search for internships, apply to internships, and email potential employees.  Just recently, I sent out several emails to Hamilton alum…fingers crossed that they can shed some guidance and quiet my woes.

The unemployment rate may be at 8.2% but post-graduate and other adults are still competing for internships usually reserved for rising freshman, sophomores, and juniors.  The competition is stiff.  For instance, I was just rejected from an internship position at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. I asked the internship correspondent what about my application was weak.  She said I was a strong candidate but there were 200 applications for something like 10 spots.  I shouldn’t be glum but alas I am.       

To live at home would be ideal.  I wouldn’t have to pay for an apartment or for food.  Also, I will be in Paris for the entire next year during which time I while have few convenient chances to travel back home.  The economy and the rising number of internship applications mean I MUST be flexible.  If I can’t, the chances of me freeloading at home are much higher.  No one wants that.