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Study Abroad in Paris

March 29, 2012   

It’s official: I will be in Paris for the entire 2012-2013 year! The program is through Hamilton so my “mom” over there is someone with whom I am very familiar and the class credits will transfer easily.  When I received the acceptance email, my emotions were a mix of energy, fear, hunger and excitement.

I will be attending a French university, speaking ONLY in French (I sign a contract), and living with a host family. In some respects, I’m happy to not live with other English students. The tendency to speak in English would be too great. I am there not only to enjoy myself, but also to learn as much about the French language and culture as possible. 

I am somewhat familiar with France because 4-5 years ago, my family rented a small house in the South of France. We drove around vineyards, ate fresh pastries every morning, and traveled to small hill towns. More recently, I embarked on an exchange through the Rotary Club to a small town outside of Paris. The French family brought me around Normandy and vacationed in Brittany. As you can gather, my experience in France has thus far been one of leisure and not academia.     

I plan to mix work with play. To supplement all the presentations, tests, and papers I will be assigned (did I mention they all will be in French), I plan on joining a soccer, or football, club. Perhaps a cooking course here and there? Whatever I decide, it will surely be an incredible experience. A joie de vivre as some might say.