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Great Names Speakers

April 26, 2013   

As the semester is coming to a close, life is getting busier and more exciting on the Hill. Seniors are presenting their final projects, all the musical and theater groups are showcasing their final performances, and the last speakers of the semester are giving their talks – all of this adds up pretty quickly. (But that’s why coffee was invented.)

But out of everything that’s been going on this week, I think the most exciting was the annual Great Names event. The Great Names series brings in famous and well-respected speakers from all around the world. Notable past speakers have been Bill Cosby, Condoleezza Rice, and Al Gore. And while we didn’t have anyone that well renown this year, our speakers were beyond inspirational.

Instead of the traditional single speaker, this year’s event was a panel of two Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Shirin Ebadi and Bernard Kouchner. Ebadi was the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and was awarded such for her work as a human rights activist. Kouchner was the co-founder Doctors Without Borders. Both gave beautiful speeches, and it was a wonderful, thought-provoking event. This may be the busiest time of year, but it’s events like this that make taking a few hours away from work totally worth it.