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Spring Break Come Faster PLEASE

March 7, 2013   

I am so much more excited for spring break than I have been in years. Up until this year,  I have gone on tournament trips every spring break with my lacrosse team. This has always been fun, don't get me wrong, but this is my first year to branch out and explore other activities and areas of interest (yes, I am an ex-varsity athlete, sad but true). Long story short, I can choose where to go and what to do this spring break! This year I will be going to…..wait for it….SCOTLAND!!!!!

Land of the Scots! William Wallace, kilts, pubs, the Loch Ness monster, golf…oh dear, I am running out of Scotland associations already. AH let's not forget that some great music has come out of Scotland, if anyone reading this is a fan of the Fratellis, KT Tunstall, Paolo Nutini or Franz Ferdinand.

My best friend from home is currently studying abroad in Edinburgh. We have been best friends since third grade and were lucky enough to attend the same school up through graduation. We even ended up in the same state for college, albeit with very different college experiences. She goes to Columbia, but in my completely unbiased opinion, Hamilton is much better.  Here is a good example - she tried to start a club lacrosse team and the administration there made her jump through hoop after hoop before eventually telling her no. This is despite the fact that she had over twenty girls interested. Two girls this semester at Hamilton not only started up girl's club soccer, but were also able to secure decent gym time for practice. ( I only know this because I joined club soccer! hah.) But still, seems to me that Hamilton administration is really supportive of students pursuing their interests. 

I digress. Anyway, my friend has loved her Edinburgh experience so far. My parents and I figured that if I were ever to go to Europe during this time of my life I should do it when a) my best friend is there and b) I have a place to stay and someone to show me around! In addition, I am coming back by way of Washington D.C. and will get to see not only my brother, sister-in-law and cute baby nephew, but also my good friend from Beijing! She studied at ACC with me in summer and goes to Georgetown, and we have yet to see each other while back in America.

Lastly, I am flying directly to Dublin to meet my friend for St. Patrick's day before we both go back to Edinburgh. Which could be a bit...well, insane. But also SO FUN. Confession: I might have ordered a St Patrick's Day UK (University of Kentucky) shirt today. It shows our Wildcat mascot wearing a leprechaun hat. It is absolutely ridiculous but I'll never have a better reason to wear it.