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The Home Stretch

December 3, 2010   The home stretch. It seems awfully hard to believe that we sit here at the precipice, not two weeks away from calling this semester to a close. Was it really three months ago that I was on the Wellin Auditorium stage trying unsuccessfully to dance to the rhythm of ‘Wavin Flag’ as part of the Orientation Leader welcome for new students?

I suppose it has. These couple of weeks between the end of Thanksgiving break and the end of the semester are inarguably some of the most chaotic one spends at Hamilton. Mother Nature wakes up and remembers that it’s not December in Central New York without all the snow she can throw at us fluttering down to the ground. Those term papers you once thought you had forever to write now have deadlines fast approaching. Café Opus celebrates as the student body craves caffeine to keep them humming through the night.

As a junior, this is a particularly trying time to be here. Next semester, I will be in Washington D.C., participating in the program that Hamilton runs down there. I’m extremely excited to get down there, because as a world politics major, it’s going to be an exceptionally productive, educational, and enjoyable experience for me. Not to mention that since I grew up just outside D.C., in Gaithersburg, Maryland, this will be a belated homecoming of sorts.

But the expiration date on this semester also brings forth some uncomfortable truths. It’s been an amazing semester for me on the Hill, and even knowing full-well that I’ll be back next fall, it feels weird to be leaving for so long in the midst of something so great. There are juniors who ultimately decide to forego the study abroad experience because of the time they’re having on the Hill, and while I am not one of them because I really think DC is going to be equally amazing, I certainly can’t blame them for that decision. 

These final days have become a delicate balancing act between getting through the copious amounts of work piling up and not letting my chance to spend time with seniors I’ll dearly miss when they graduate, and friends of all years, really, go to waste. Ideally, quality time with those dear to me will be spent outside the ever-more intimidating confines of the KJ academic center, but I’m willing to settle for whatever I can get. 

It’s going to be a caffeinated and crazy final couple of days on the Hill this semester.