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Trivia Night

March 2, 2009   A little while ago I went to trivia night at the pub with with a few of my friends.  Hamilton hosts it every Tuesday night, and you can enter in teams of five. When we went, it was President's Day themed. Becca specialized in pop culture, Jarrod had the sports questions, Will was our Presidental specialist, John knew all of the history questions, and I picked up the other miscellaneous ones. They always have drink specials, and the place is packed with people scrambling to remember random facts. Students wait outside in the cold long before the opening time of 8pm, just so they can get a good table. Trivia night is run by the directors of student activities. It just started last year, and is now hugely popular. It goes from about 8pm-10pm, and is a great way to unwind and break up your week.

Part of what makes it so fun is that it isn't based on information from books or class. At Hamilton, everyone's smart and does well academically, but it's the random trivia that gets you.

Name 5 of the top 10 most populated cities in the world.   Mumbai, India; Shanghai, China; Karachi, Pakistan; Istanbul, Turkey; Delhi, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Moscow, Russia; Seoul, South Korea; Beijing, China; Mexico City, Mexico

Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the roof of the White House. Which president had them removed?     Ronald Reagan

How many direct hits do you need to win in the game Battleship?    17

It really doesn't matter what your major or hobbies are - chemistry and philosophy majors usually have the same chance at each question. I love going there to catch up with my friends and just kick back. This semester I actually have a Tuesday night class, and it was a big concern that I'd be able to make it to Trivia Night. Luckily, I haven't had any issues. One of the other great parts of Trivia Night is hearing all the team names. Most teams use puns or ridiculous jokes, and many toe the line of appropriateness. It's something of a game to get Lisa Magnarelli (the director of student activities and an assistant dean) to say the crazy names. "Oedipus and the Motherlovers". "The Freshmen Prince of Belair". "I should be working on my thesis right now". And many others I probably shouldn't be writing here....

The prizes are usually gift certificates to TexMex, an amazing restaurant with inexpensive and delicious food. And of course, eternal fame and glory. I love hanging out in the pub and seeing people I might not otherwise get to hang out with. It's a great opportunity to learn some random facts, have a beer, and relax.