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Post-scripts and Addendums

November 8, 2006   


Nothing major has happened to me in the past week or so, except for Halloween, which has been justly covered by our other faithful correspondents. Instead, a lot of smaller things pertaining to the greater scheme of college keep occurring.

For example, at lunch today, I found myself embroiled in yet another one-sided argument about my major. Yet again, I was asked by a former creative writing major why I’d major when I could “just write.” At the time, I was too aggravated to retort with anything less than snarls, but I realized later that the proper response was simply the question revised: “Why would you just write when you can major in creative writing?”

This is also relevant to the time of year, since registration for spring classes is next week. I usually look forward to registering, since it happens during that time of semester when your current classes are the last thing you want to think about, but I’m incredibly stressed for some reason. I registered for my Sophomore Seminar on Tuesday, after reading that mine was the last class that would be required to take it, and ended up being shut out of Food For Thought and registering instead for Performance and Politics, which will probably suit me better than say, any of the dozen globalization seminars offered, but still wasn’t my top choice. I have no idea what to expect. While my major is secure in my mind, I’m deliberating whether to double major or minor, either in German or philosophy. I am utterly confused right now.

Additionally, I’m trying to organize my academic life so I can go abroad next fall, which means taking my last writing intensive as well as a gym credit. I also need to make up my mind as to where I want to go — as a pseudo-English major, England seems like a logical choice, but I’ve got fond memories of Vienna that were formed only this summer; I’m quite torn.

I’m also geographically torn concerning what my Thanksgiving plans are. Oklahoma is not an option — nor is staying in my dorm room eating turkey at Commons. Fortunately, I know enough people in New York City to make my way around for the duration of the break, but I’m also considering booking the 30 hour passage by train to Chicago, to see some high school friends.

Sophomore year has definitely been better than freshman year, but the issues of last year haven’t so much gone away as they have simply morphed into new versions of themselves. In happier news, I’ve conquered the absurdly complicated telephone technology at the radio station to broadcast several sports games, and I’ve also had the joy of riding a few golden bicycles. And, soon enough, the snow will actually fall, which, always manages to cheer me up.