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Matt & Kim

April 19, 2010   There are some days that seem destined to be awesome.  My 21st birthday was looking like one of those days.  I realized about three years ago that this celebratory occasion would occur on a Saturday night, but I didn't fully realize what exactly was in store.  Since I had a tennis match the next day, I can't say I had what you would call a "normal" 21st birthday experience, but I would almost go as far as to say my birthday was far better than normal.

It started with rain and a tennis match.  Those two things don't really mix, but the match went on nevertheless.  I picked up a win at 1st singles (interested readers can see the Athletic page for the more disappointing results).  After the match, I rested until it was time for the birthday dinner in my suite.  The food, prepared by a few friends and my roomies parents (conveniently at Hammy for the weekend), was delicious. As with the two previous years, I celebrated my birthday jointly with one of my friends who shares the super birthdate.

But these events were simply a warm-up to the main event of the night--the highly anticipated and touted Matt & Kim concert over in the Annex.  For those who don't know who Matt & Kim are (like me, 6 months ago), they are a keyboardist and drummer duo who can only play ridiculously infectious dance music.  After finishing up the dinner, our group headed over to the concert just in time to see a...shall we say...energetic opening act (unfortunately we missed the first act, Hamilton's own DownBeat Keys, whom I would have much preferred to hear).  The crowd started to fill up fast, and by the time Matt & Kim were about to come on stage, there was literally no room to move.  It got even crazier when Matt & Kim began their set--and I, the unexperienced concert goer, was trying to survive the mosh pit at the front.  But whenever I felt a little claustrophobic in the crowd, I looked up at Kim playing the drums...and she was ALWAYS playing with a smile on her face.  Seriously, I don't understand how she could just look so happy for the entire set.  I guess, in a small sense, seeing Kim's simultaneous smiling/rocking out reminded me of the Hamilton mindset--we may always be stressed with schoolwork or what have you, but we always seem to manage to have fun along the way.

Corny last line?  Maybe, but I'm 21 now...I can do whatever I want.