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This past weekend...Earth Day and the opening of the Underground Cafe.

April 24, 2006   

On this past Saturday, there was an Earth Day on campus. Unfortunately, due to rain, Earth Day had to be held indoors, but from what I hear it was still very fun. Among the bands performing at the event, was my favorite on campus band, Zeaskeez. Comprised of five members, each with a catchy playing style, Zeaskeez has been getting a ton of gigs lately. It's nice to see an on campus band getting the type of exposure they have received thus far.

Not to be outdone, the Underground Cafe has also had its grand opening this past weekend. The Underground Cafe is the product of Hamilton students, and a number of other groups of individuals in the Utica area. It provides a location where kids from the Utica area can go to relax and have fun after school. Throughout the semester, workshops will be held and the kids can interact with one another and just have fun. I have yet to visit the Underground Cafe, but from the sound of things, I should visit soon.

These two recent events are just a small portion of the activities arranged by Hamilton students that take place on any given weekend. Both the Underground Cafe and Earth Day serve to better the Hamilton community, and surrounding communities in some way. The participation, support, and enthusiasm of the students show just how important these events are to the Hamilton community.