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Blissful Denial and Hidden Gems

April 22, 2009   So this week I’m feeling particularly reflective about my Hamilton College experience. I was chatting with my mom on the phone the other day and she said, “Well Kaitlin, we’re looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at graduation!” (…...long pause…..) Now Instead of admitting graduation is even on the horizon, I’ve decided to simply live in a state of blissful denial. Although this is a state I’m pretty unfamiliar with, I find myself growing more attracted to the relaxation.

So as part of my blissful denial, I recently decided to take advantage of all those Hamilton gems you forget about as a junior and senior. As a freshman at Hamilton, I was far too easily amused. A simple walk in the glen, a baseball game on the weekend with friends, an acoustic coffeehouse, and even a latte with great company at Café Opus was enough to bring a smile to my face. What I find most interesting, however, is how quickly this campus can be taken for granted. I mean really…what am I going to do when there’s no career center to check every one of my cover letters? What will happen when I don’t have the hammocks at the Glen House to relax in? Hamilton really makes a person selfish…because everything here is for ME! Something gives me the feeling New York, Chicago, or any other major city won’t be this focused on my personal satisfaction.

After spending a week reflecting on all these gems Hamilton has to offer, I quickly realized that I’m not easily amused at all…Hamilton is just a truly amazing place. Never again will a place be so entirely focused on my happiness and intellectual growth…and what an adjustment that will be! Though let’s be honest…I’m not leaving here anyway, right?