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Sunshine, Snow and Swine Flu

November 7, 2009   

The beginning of the week was beautiful and warm with sunshine. On one pleasantly cool night, my roommate and I made two big mugs of hot tea, grabbed a big sheet, and lay under the stars on the field outside our G-road apartment. When is the last time you’ve lied in the grass, stared up at the big sky and amused yourself with all the picturesque cloud formations?

In other news, the other day I went to Barnes and Nobles with Zeynep Harezi, my friend from Istanbul. Short story: I met Zeynep on my Adirondack Adventure trip (awesome, pre-orientation wilderness adventure), along with Kazarae Lowe. The three of us were inseparable freshmen year, and the two beautiful ladies still remain some of my closest friends at Hamilton. 

Anyway, we went to Barnes and Nobles to study for the afternoon, for a change of environment. Something you should know about me: bookstores are one of my favorite places in the world. I know, I know, I just said that about NYC, but it’s true. Now give me a big bookstore in NYC and I will be the happiest of campers.

On the ride to the bookstore:
Tara: Zeynep, don’t let me buy any books. I have a big problem compulsively buying tons of books whenever I go to a bookstore.
Zeynep agrees.

Well, I only leave with 5 books three hours later. Nevermind the fact that I never seem to have time to read at Hamilton, the point is, YAY 5 new, exciting books! I’m into (auto)biographies and nonfiction right now, I want to learn from great figures of the past!

There is this valuable skill that, as a Hamilton student, I feel a little silly to never have developed. That is, the art of studying in the afternoon. For some reason, the night just seems so much more appropriate to me, and man do I pay for it…in hours of lost sleep! Seriously, can someone demystify this habit to me? Until then, hello KJ late nights. But then again, judging by the amount of fellow late-nighters, perhaps I am not the only one perplexed by the afternoon studying ability. 

The past couple of nights have brought Hamilton’s first few layers of snow and frost…but Saturday is bright and sunny and the weekend forecast is looking good. 
I think I am going to take a nice walk before I start studying for the day (Hamilton is a great walking/jogging campus!).  I have been sick for a few weeks and am in desperate need SUNSHINE and NATURE!
Until then, enjoy the sunshiny weekend (and avoid the flu!)