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I am an Olympic competitor in the sport called Awkwardness

February 14, 2010   I had a lot of trouble convincing myself that homework was a good thing this weekend. I just didn't want to do it. I got around to it eventually, but not at the expense of missing out on playing online Jeopardy at 1 a.m. with my friends.

In other news, Friday night was super fun because I went over to Maeve and Mikayla's room in Kirkland to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The production was slightly baffling, but entertaining nonetheless. We watched the entire thing, and by the end I was too exhausted to care that they were doing sickeningly corny things with lights and men running through plains and people doing ballet around trees. Although, I do love watching all of the countries' athletes walk out and greet the massive audience.

Kate and I were planning to go straight home but instead we decided to stop by the "Dancing Down the Decades" Late Night. Late Nights are events hosted by certain organizations that pose as alternatives to the typical parties thrown in dorms. Hamilton funds them so that students can have a good time in a social, festive atmosphere without having to go crazy with alcohol. (As a side note, this is just one of the many alternatives to the drinking scene on campus.) Gospel Choir orchestrated this Late Night, and as my friend Amanda is in it, we wanted to support her by going. We ended up having a better time than expected. One of the best DJs on campus, Jason, picked out the music, which was an assemblage of hits from 2000 to 2010. Among them included such classics as "Cotton-Eyed Joe," "Ignition" and "Hey Ya!" I was a little overwhelmed by all the colored lights, and I ran into people a few times trying to remember how the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" dance worked. I also felt supremely awkward at first because I am a truly terrible dancer. Like, not even remotely good. But Lauren and Amanda helped me loosen up and cast away some of my excessive awkwardness, which was helpful. Thanks guys!

I forgot to mention that Friday night before the Olympics I went to a performance by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Typically either the Syracuse Symphony or the RPO comes each year to expose students to the world of upper-tier professional musicianship. The RPO did a fantastic job, and I was so thankful that they drove over here to play for us. I even got to say hi to the principal clarinetist, who is an instructor at the Eastman School of Music and who gave me a few lessons when I was in high school. Maybe someday Hamilton will be able to bring my hometown symphony, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, for a concert. Despite the long hike (albeit a do-able one) from Buffalo to Clinton, I think it'd be worth it! (*Wink, wink* to the Music Department) :-)