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Hamilton Alumni Return to the Hill!

October 6, 2008   

      As a senior, I find it hard to imagine being a Hamilton alum. I cannot imagine taking that step back, taking that stroll down memory lane and recalling my cherished experiences.  
    This weekend was Fallcoming (alumni weekend) and many of the more recent Hamilton graduates returned to the Hill. I enjoyed seeing some of my older friends and hearing their responses after maybe one or two years of physical relocation after college.  I heard many outbursts of laughter and deep sighs of nostalgia.
   As a result, my attitude and perspective are focused more on the present moment than ever before.  I want to leave the Hill with a feeling of full satisfaction; I want to continue making those lasting memories--I want to make every last moment count.  I wonder how I will respond after being away from my friends for a couple years or even more.  Perhaps I will think back to this moment right now and will wonder how the times have changed.