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Sharing Shampoo

April 28, 2012   

I am currently sitting in on a debate about the use of shampoo and conditioner amongst the co-op men. My roommate Chris is a connoisseur of fancy conditioners. He keeps on buying a certain type but it mysteriously keeps on disappearing….hmmm mysterious. 

Pat, my neighbor, and I finally fessed up and admitted that we have been using the conditioner. It feels good to get that off my chest. Subsequently, the three of us have been engaging in the pros and cons of using hair products that have a feminine smell. 

For one thing, our hair smells clean, but a bit musty according to Dana, the single woman present.  Others would say it smells like flowers. Regardless, one would not associate rugged adventures and deep, green forests with our hair. 

However, Chris claims that women love smelling hair that smells like their own. I remain dubious as to the validity of his statement. We’ll see how it pans out tonight. 

In short: this is the most random post I have ever written. Oh well, life at Hamilton is full of unexpected surprises. 

P.S. Given that the deadline to accept or decline Hamilton is fast approaching, please do not hesitate to email me at dokelly@hamilton.edu if you have any last-minute questions.  Cheers folks!