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Culinary Arts 101

March 4, 2009   Okay, so Culinary Arts 101 isn’t really a course here at Hamilton…but it should be. Normally I’m quite loyal to Commons Dining Hall. There’s something fairly easy about walking in, grabbing a plate, and eating whatever your heart desires. Recently, however, I have found myself a tad more busy than usual. It has become a habit to just stay in my room, curl up with my laptop, and type away at my thesis. Now considering how much I LOVE food, this situation poses a problem. When faced with the choice to not eat or to cook…I undoubtedly choose to cook. What I didn’t realize at the time, however, was how awful my cooking skills really were.

Now I do understand that many people complain about their own cooking skills. In these cases, it’s more a means of being humble. For example…

“Oh, well my cooking is not that great…but how about you try some of this Cannoli I just whipped up from scratch?” 

“Kaitlin, you hungry? (really what kind of question is that) How about you grab a fork from your room and try some of this lobster/steak dinner I just made?”

So are you starting to see where I’m coming from? How can a girl walking into the kitchen sporting EasyMac compete with homemade Italian pastries and a lobster/steak dinner? Simple…you learn to cook! Last weekend I made my way to Hannaford (local grocery store) and bought up a few essentials. I figured it would be best to start small, simple, no-brainer. The next day I brought down my pots, pasta, ingredients to make sauce, and some Italian sausage. I won’t provide y’all with details on the epic failure of my cooking…only to say that ten minutes in I was cursing the idea and praying for EasyMac to magically appear.

Bottom Line – Hamilton has undoubtedly prepared me for the world, the job search, and life’s next step…and for that I will be eternally grateful. What Hamilton hasn’t prepared me for, however, is life’s basic necessity…cooking.