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Fall on the Hill

October 4, 2012   

I had such an awesome past couple of days; the sun was out, the leaves are changing, and fall has taken over the Hill.

After classes, I went and practiced “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes on guitar, because some friends and I are going to be performing it at Open Mic Night. Open Mic is an event that happens once every month, where students are encouraged to showcase their talents, whether it be slam poetry, guitar, piano, singing, rapping, or any other skill. It’s a really cool event, and an awesome opportunity to share, see, and support people's talents and passions. Maggie will be playing piano, Alison the ukulele, Dan and I guitar, and we’re all going to sing. I’m so excited!
My friend Hailey and I went to a cardio kick class, which is one of the many fitness classes that Hamilton offers. It was basically Zumba, and, let’s be real, everyone loves Zumba. And it was a good workout… I think Hailey summed it up well with her text this morning: “Oo, cardio kick you have tenderized my body”.

After that, I went to the ceramics studio, where I spent some time working on our current project. As always, there were some people from my class in the studio. It’s so fun working in the art studio when there are other people there. I’ll be honest, I pretended to work on my piece for a good hour after I could have been done, because I was having such a good time listening to music and talking/laughing with my classmates.

Now, I’m back home and ready for bed! And I’m so excited for tomorrow, because of the long-awaited opening of Wellin Museum. Goodnight! :)