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Spring Has Sprung!

April 11, 2013   

What a crazy past few weeks it’s been! It feels like I was in Italy with the College Choir only yesterday, having the greatest Spring Break of my life, and now it’s mid-April and I’m suddenly having to make decisions about next year. Where am I going to live? What classes am I going to take? How is it already time to figure these things out? What happened to March?

I’m not the only one on campus feeling the end-of-semester panic, and it’s obvious. The administration is furiously prepping for Admitted Students Day on Monday; professors are getting ready for our final papers and projects and exams; seniors are in a constant state of denial while finishing their theses; and the rest of us are just counting down the days until the Macklemore concert in May.

Even the weather’s in quite a mood. On Monday it was sunny and warm. Yesterday it was storming. Today, it’s cold, once again. All I can say about this week and its weather is that it hasn’t been boring or predictable. Still, though it’s gray and rainy outside today, campus is buzzing with a frenetic excitement that’s unique to this time of year.