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The Last Week of Classes

May 10, 2008   The last week of classes passed in the usual end-of-the-year mode of wrapping up. In Jane Austen, we finished presentations. In French, we listened to French music performed on Bastille Day at the Eiffel Tower. In drawing, we worked on our portfolios. Creative Nonfiction was spent on individual meetings about our portfolios. In each class, we discussed the final exam (or portfolio) and what was expected.

The week passed very, very quickly, partly because there were so many events. On Tuesday I attended a dinner for Phi Sigma Iota, a national foreign language honor society to which Hamilton belongs. It was a nice dinner, and there were several hundred students inducted into the society for studies in every language from Greek to Japanese to Hindi.

Afterwards, I ran over to the pub for the last school-wide trivia night of the year. For the past few weeks I have been getting increasingly competitive about trivia night, largely because my team has never won. As a result, I have been "studying" a bit-— no I did not read encyclopedias. Instead, I watched the news and went to CNN.com a few times. Every week, there are multiple questions about current events, so I wanted to be on top of my game. For instance, this week there were questions about Myanmar and Stephen Colbert, both of which I'd read about online. Becoming more engaged in current events is definitely trivia's best consequence for Hamilton students.

However, despite my studying, we have not been winning trivia;: we have almost won a few times. We have smashed our friends in the standings lately, a victory made sweeter by the participation of a professor on one of their teams. This week's trivia was particularly frustrating because we never fully missed a question. There were several questions with two parts, and each time we got one of the two parts. For example, when asked which two sports have been cut from the Olympics this year, we answered baseball and rhythmic gymnastics. The answer was baseball and softball. In the end, not winning trivia was not too terrible because we were the third place team for the month of April. There is a special senior week trivia night next week to look forward to.

On Thursday, there was an acoustic coffee house — Colin Hay. I'd heard his music before on the Garden State soundtrack, so it was nice to hear him live. The concert was really good — though I skipped out a bit early to watch Grey's Anatomy. Thursday night there were the two rival student bands on campus, Applewagon and The Head Band, playing in the Annex and in the pub. My friends and I went to hear both bands and danced, though it was not a crazy evening; everyone on campus was resting up for Class and Charter Day.