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Pairs Figure Skating!

February 15, 2010   The subject of the NYC program this semester - Philosophy and Globalization - is broad enough to incorporate a number of unconventional subjects. For anyone else, that would mean evaluating other disciplines - economics, environmental science, etc. - through a different perspective. For me, it means I can waste hours upon hours watching the Olympics with complete impunity. Well, not hours (I accomplished a lot today, thank you, including a haircut and a trip to Central Park), but you get the picture.

And when I say "watch the Olympics," I think it's obvious that I mean one of two things: either "watch Olympic figure skating" or "complain that I'm not currently watching Olympic figure skating." I'm really invested in the pairs competition right now - especially the Russian team (in third after the short program) who are by far the most adorable pair in the field - and I can't wait to figure out how I'll slip a criticism of that Ukranian team's metallic cerulean full-body jumpsuits (which, by the way, must have been inspired by Britney circa "Oops... I Did It Again"; there's just no other explanation) into our seminar's discussion on Wednesday morning.