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I'm Not Really a Chanter

February 15, 2010   I went to this marriage equality rally in Central Park on Sunday; I saw a news item about it on Saturday and thought it would be, you know, one of those politically-conscious grown-up things that I should get into the habit of doing. And let me be the first to say that I was unaware that the overlap between people who organize protests or rallies and people who enjoy choreographing song-and-dance choral numbers was so large.

This was called an inaugural "unmarriage" ceremony: multiple couples promised not to get married (or to disavow their current marriages) until everyone has equal access to the institution of civil marriage. The officiator - Reverend Billy, with some really impressive mock-televangelist posturing - was approximately the looniest person I've ever come into contact with. Between his intensity and everyone else's delirious enthusiasm (there was even a serious poetry reading), the event was grossly entertaining, and it also helped organize people for some future marriage equality events in New York state. And if you're looking for a few minutes of they-can't-be-serious incredulity, go to YouTube and look up the unmarriage rally; I promise you won't be disappointed.