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Round 2? Year 3!?

September 29, 2012   

Hello Folks! Greetings from Washington, D.C.!

I am here in our nation’s capital on the Hamilton Washington, D.C. Program. For those unfamiliar with the program, 16 students from Hamilton College come to D.C. to spend a semester interning at various legislative offices, non-governmental agencies, for congressional representatives - the list goes on, but basically almost anywhere and everywhere in D.C.!

In addition to our internships, we also take a class with a Hamilton professor who advises the program. This year, Professor Paris is directing the program and teaches our seminar titled “Higher Education in the United States.”

The class has helped me realize even more what a unique experience I, and everyone who attends Hamilton, receive as students. Here are the reasons:

1. Only 1 percent of all the college students in the United States attend a residential college not associated with a larger university.
2. Professor Paris always reminds us how Hamilton students are “marinated,” on a campus with outstanding facilities.
3. Professor Paris actually led the campaign for our open curriculum, which essentially means that you can focus on studying those specific fields in which you are interested and you don’t have to invest time in those that don’t interest you. And I am grateful because I am the worst science student. It is nice to know that my fellow classmates have chosen to take courses in which they are genuinely interested and aren’t there simply because of requirements.

Geez, all this talk makes me miss Hamilton all the more, but D.C. has been treating me well! More details (AND PHOTOS) to come once I get the chance to write more!

(Cheers to my roommates Ben Anderson and Cal Bobola! Apartment 612!)