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No Excuses!

April 21, 2013   

Hello! Like every other Hamilton student right now, I am extremely busy. It’s just that time of year. Between my various academic commitments and everything that has been going on campus, I rarely have time for myself.


Last Monday was accepted students day. This is easily my favorite day of the year. Our campus was visited by students and their families, almost 700 people partaking in the day's programs. I love giving tours to accepted students because they are always genuinely interested in Hamilton.  I hope to see some of these faces on the Hill next year!


On Wednesday, Michelle Alexander, author of New York Times bestseller The New Jim Crow, gave a lecture on her book's topic in the Chapel. She discussed the rising incarceration rates and the disproportionate representation of African Americans in prison. I had read her book prior to her lecture and used it as the premise of my summer research. Many of my close friends had dinner with Alexander, but unfortunately I could not attend because I had prior engagements. Still, it was fascinating and exciting to have Alexander in our chapel.


The next night Ian Bogost, an award-winning designer and media philosopher, also gave a presentation in the chapel. He lectured on “living with things” and the whole notion of "things." He was extremely hipster, and some of his material was over my head. An example was his discourse on “anything you can do, I can do meta.” It was a weird lecture, but definitely interesting nonetheless.         

That same night I went to an Acoustic Coffee House hosted by our Campus Activities Board. Free coffee, chai and musical entertainment? What more could I ask for on a Thursday evening!
It was also recently announced that Macklemore will be coming to our end of the year concert. How awesome right?!

I have been preparing all weekend for an exam and literature review, both of which are due tomorrow. Wish me luck!