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The Carolina Chocolate Drops

February 1, 2008   Professor Lydia Hamessley brought the group to perform in a music room on campus. I am studying Appalachian Folk Music for my Topics in Music course, so the performance was even more interesting than it would have been had I not known anything about the music. However, one didn't need to have any previous knowledge of music to enjoy this raucous time. The performance was lively, energetic, and positively, knee-slapping good.

The three musicians (Rhiannon, Justin, and Dom) told us that they have been on tour for a month and have about two more months to go before a short break. They had arrived here in Clinton at 4:30 this morning, having come straight from a gig in Canada last night. They appeared fit as fiddles (pardon the pun), however, and played upbeat music using banjos, guitars, a jug, a kazoo, a big bass drum, and, of course, a fiddle. They also gave the attentive audience a history of their music, explaining the derivations of various instruments and ensembles.

I am always amazed at Hamilton's ability to draw such talent to the hill. It was really a fantastic performance and a great way to start the weekend.