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October 19, 2012   

OKAY, I’ll start with an apology!

Hi everyone, sorry, I know I have been neglectful of my entries. Washington, D.C. has been extremely busy, and only now, on my Friday night, am I finding the free time I need to catch up!

Last Friday, my friend from home came to visit me in D.C. She took the 6 a.m. bus from Philly, so naturally, she was extremely tired when she got here. I gave her a few hours to take a nap on the extremely comfortable lounge sofas on the roof of our apartments. The D.C. program is located at Calvert Woodley Park Apartments, and, well, the program really spoils us with such great housing.

While she was napping, I caught up on some readings and started preparing for my midterm! More about this midterm later.

My roommates, Sophie and I woke up at 8 a.m. to go to the local farmer’s market at Dupont on Sunday. We’ve made it a tradition to go every Sunday and pick up the veggies we will need for the week. We got some apple cider, but it did not compare to the Clinton Cider Mill. If you are ever at Hamilton in the fall, the Cider Mill is A MUST. I’m talking Cider Mill donuts, Hot apple cider, fresh apples, pies and everything deliciously associated with fall.

Sunday we visited the National Gallery of Art. Lichtenstein’s Retrospective is in town! Best of all it is free! I saw the exhibit while on my road trip in Chicago. However the D.C. exhibit had a few more pieces, and everything was still amazing. I’m not an artist or an art history person, but everyone who has the chance should see his work and read the historical context behind each work. Great stuff indeed.

Afterwards we went to the botanical garden, another free Smithsonian exhibit. The garden was phenomenal and included rooms with varying climates - tropical, desert, jungle, temperate - with approriate flowers and greenery for each.

Sophie had to leave in the evening, and then I started prepping for midterms...