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October 24, 2012   

In the Washington, D.C., program, each apartment rotates responsibilities for Wednesday breakfast and Thursday dinner, the times when the program gathers for lectures and class. Last week, because of the midterm, our apartment was scheduled for a Wednesday dinner. After the midterm, we had an open afternoon so my apartment mates and I decided to prepare a whole meal rather than order food from a near by restaurant like the apartments typically do.

On the menu last Wednesday were
- Herb and butter salmon
- Citrus sautéed asparagus 
- Mac and Four Cheeses (fontina, fontal, gruyere, and parmesan)

Making the meal with my roommates was extremely fun. We had some close calls - nearly forgetting the asparagus, almost leaving the salmon in the oven for too long, nearly dropping mac and cheese all over our floor. In the end, the program seemed extremely satisfied with our sit-down dinner with our professor.

Note: never in my life have I grated so much cheese!!   

As I mentioned before, Wednesdays are typically for seminars, and apartments are responsible for breakfast. It was our turn again and rather than go with our typical New York bagels and delicious cream cheeses, we went with a healthier option. We went with fruit salad, greek yogurt and granola.

Fruits included oranges, kiwi, mango, blueberries, grapes and strawberries.
I was bold and mixed the yogurt, granola and fruits together. Delicious.

All in all, it has been a great semester collaboratively cooking with my roommates. It’s going to be slightly weird next semester when I get back to Hamilton and can get all my foods in the dining hall!