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Class registration: Spring 2013!

November 8, 2012   

Yesterday I registered for my Spring 2013 classes - SO EXCITED.

At Hamilton, class registration is an easy process. Students are randomly assigned a registration time, with upper classmen receiving priority. However, even when I was a first-year, I got into some of the smaller classes by going to my professors and telling them why I was interested in their class. As long as students talk with the professor and demonstrate serious interest, they should be fine getting the classes of their choice.

Next semester I will be taking the following:

World Politics: International Political Economy with Professor Cafruny

World Politics: Poverty and Development with Professor Olarinmoye

Art: Introduction to Photography with Professor Knight

Anthropology: Gender Race and Immigration with Professor Merrill

History: Europe and its Empire with Professor Grant

The typical course load is four classes, but I want to do some serious studying. I know, it is going to be a lot of reading and writing next semester, but isn’t that what college is all about?!  

Added bonus, I also somehow managed to completely avoid any classes on Friday, but I will probably be studying in Opus.