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poet Terrance Hayes on campus!

January 25, 2012   

Terrance Hayes, award-winning poet and professor of English at Carnegie Melon, is this year's Writer-in-Residence at Hamilton College. This is truly a special event. Hayes is one of the most brilliant poets of the new age, if you ask me. I have been reading his works for my Intermediate Poetry class, specifically his collection "Wind in a Box," which is a fascinating read. I would recommend to anyone just getting into poetry, and especially contemporary poetry, to read this collection or maybe just some sample writings: “Woofer,” “Talk” and “Pines” are especially good.

So what does being a Writer-in-Residence mean? Well, today at 4 p.m., Hayes will be hosting a workshop. It will be a spectacular opportunity for the many Creative Writing concentrators, and other students as well, to hear advice from one of the biggest names in contemporary poetry. In addition, he will be doing a reading of his own poetry tomorrow. I am particularly excited for this. The auditory experience of poetry is one of its unsung marvels. His poetry can be very driven by sound, and he even has a poem titled “Blue Kool,” inspired by the rapper Kool Keith. Anyone attending can expect a very rhythmic night, full of blues and powerful images meant to incite the flames of passion that inspire us.

All of this excitement around Terrance Hayes coming, coupled with a growing love for poetry due to my Intermediate Poetry class, has really made the beginning of the semester something special. I have connected with poetry in a way that I didn’t know I could before, and I have been inspired to really push myself.

Expect another entry soon that details how the workshop and poetry reading unfolded!