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This is Madness!

April 23, 2012   

Sunday morning meant one thing. Housing Lottery Craziness.

The way housing works here at Hamilton is as follows: You are randomly assigned a number within your class, and then choose your housing when that number is called at the Housing Lottery. Each class year has a different time, with rising Seniors, then rising Juniors, then rising Sophomores.

Last year, I'm not quite sure how, but I managed to get what I wanted with my less than stellar number of 392. I'm currently living in a Bundy East single. Most of my friends got rooms in Bundy West, but I was happy to find that my good friend Evan was living in the quad downstairs from me, and that my RA was my friend Haney. Not too shabby. 

This year I only had a vague idea of what I wanted; once again I was cursed by the housing lottery gods with a whopping number of 347. I was kind of thinking a Dunham single, near my friend Brady who is an RA there. Brady and I are the only two lax girls in our class not going abroad. She has soccer and I already did that shindig.

So there I am sitting at the waiting room for housing lottery (in the Events Barn) with a room full of people who are losing their minds trying to figure out where they are living, as they watch the live feed from inside the Annex. A bunch of us have our laptops out, watching the available rooms dwindle online. We're all sitting by the piano and my friend Gina comes over to sit with us.

"Should I just start playing 'Don't Stop Believin'?" She asked half jokingly. All of us wholeheartedly said yes, and she started playing softly but chickened out after a while.

She asked me what I was doing, and I said I was thinking Dunham single, but wasn't so sure anymore, it would be cool to live in Saunders or somewhere. I was just too confused.

"We should live in a double." She said.

Mind you, the number they were calling at the time was about 130. Gina's number was 158. 

"Hey look, there's some Eels' doubles open..." I saw on my computer. Eels is a pretty nice dorm, with an amazing back porch. It's also the old AD house (before frats weren't allowed on campus housing any more). My dad, my godfather, and a bunch of my uncles all lived there. It would be pretty cool...

"Let's do it."

Major game time decision. Gina and I check into the housing lottery, see the open Eels doubles and walk up to put our names on it.

Only to find that it had been swiped already. We were about to give up and go back to our original separate plans when some chaos ensued and we found an open double in Kirkland. We went back and forth because it's a Substance-Free dorm and we didn't know what we thought about that, but eventually decided to go for it. Gina lives there now and it's incredibly clean and nice.

Gina and I walked out of the Annex arm in arm laughing hysterically, going: "Did we seriously just do that?!"

But we did. Kirkland 216 is gonna be the best room ever. Shenanigans a plenty. (Substance free of course.)

Hope it worked out well for everyone else!