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A Film in 24 Hours

February 3, 2008   It's 9:30 in the morning and the alarm goes off. For a moment this could be any day of the week I could sit up, rub my eyes and start getting ready for newspaper delivery duties or a workout at the gym. On this particular day I had only gone to bed about three hours earlier. I hadn't been hitting the books or the bars, as one might expect. Instead I was a committed member of team Willarton in the 24-hour film contest and we only had one day to conceptualize, write, shoot, and edit a short superhero film to screen.

So, I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked around my room to find five other bodies desperately seeking an uncomfortable reprieve from the anxiety of consciousness.

"Let's go" I said to one and together we scooped up various team members to head for the library to begin editing or to the glen to capture some final much-needed footage...

Some 14 and a half hours later, our film was in the DVD player in the Annex and the lights dimmed as over 300 sets of watchful eyes prepared to take in our film.

We didn't win the contest that night. That trophy was bequeathed to the action film: Dudes and Danishes. My lack of sleep facilitated in diminishing my disappointment. Instead we celebrated the simple success of completion and mused on how things would have been different if the audience had only paid a little more attention.

That's right just a little... more... attention...zzzzZZZZZZ