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The One With Where The Applications Are Signed, Sealed and Delivered

December 23, 2012   

Hey journal buddies

I’m up on campus for the first half of winter break, and looking through the window of my room in Bristol into the vista of white that is the campus right now (and funnily enough, only became so in the last two days, mind you), I find it hard to not lock myself in a state of sheer nostalgia. Two winters ago, on the other side of the world, these days were tireless and unforgivingly busy, as the college applications were being mailed in. Those caffeine-driven sleepless last few signatures and final edits to personal essays might have been living hell, but something somewhere worked, and here I am two-years later.

So I’d like to use this entry to wish the best of luck to all the applicants out there. Keep your head up, chug down that fiftieth cup of coffee, and let the Christmas cookies fuel you these last few days as this long process draws to a close. Hamilton is excited to hear from all of you, and can’t wait to embark upon the search for the newest additions to the family on the hill.

Happy holidays, and bonne chance! May the odds be ever in your favor!