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Last weekend's adventure

February 1, 2011   Last weekend I co-lead an overnight snowshoeing trip to Tug Hill Plateau and it was completely awesome. Amelia Mattern ’12, described it as “my kind of HOC trip.” Meaning that we snowshoed to our campsite (about two miles), played in the snow, and ate a ton of food (Annie’s mac and peas for dinner, cheddar cheese cubes, chocolate chip-banana pancakes, shavings of frozen Nutella, etc.). And play in the snow we did! My co-leader Dani Forshay ’11 constructed a couch that fit all seven of us. Helen Higgins ’13 carved George Washington’s face into the snow. It was like a mini Mt. Rushmore with snow instead of rock, and only one president. While Helen was busy with her artwork, Amelia buried Allie Boyaris ’12 in the snow (similar to burying someone in the sand at the beach). Also, our snow kitchen was amazing. We had two kitchen counters (yay for cooking standing up!) that had food shelves and a little cave for the chef’s feet. And there was a dining room table, complete with candlesticks. But most impressive of our snow creations was our snow fort. Nick Perry ’11 and Dani decided that it would be fun to build a snowman and then tackle it. Unfortunately, the snow was not very good for snowman building (I still don’t actually know what about snow makes it not good for snowman building or snow ball fights) so we were left with a giant pile of snow. After spending some time contemplating what to do with the pyramid-like pile, someone decided to turn it into a snow fort. The pile was hollowed out to create a cozy little cave, that comfortably fit three people with all their puffy articles of clothing and boot liners stuffed in their bellies. Best part of the weekend: 12 hours of sleep! And everyone stayed toasty warm, thanks to the outing clubs sleeping bags, bootie systems, and puffy pants. Such a great trip! It’s really wonderful that we have the opportunity to get outside in the winter. I absolutely love it. Of course, I forgot my camera so all of the photo credits here go to Adam Fix ’13. Thanks so much!