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Oh hey, what's up snow

December 8, 2010   And it snows, it snows, it snows some more.

Finals week fast approaches here at Hamilton College, which can only mean one thing. It’s snowing, ladies and gentlemen. And snowing a lot. So much so, in fact, that I cannot remember the last time it didn’t snow. Was it July? August, maybe? 

So I exaggerate, but only because at this point I’m not even mad about the snow, just impressed. It seems almost impossible that there is enough snow to have it come down for 5 days straight and still keep falling. But fall it does. The campus is beautiful, certainly, when it snows. But my ears are cold. All the time.

This has been a difficult week, because all of my major assignments aren’t actually due until next week. Okay, so not actually a difficult week. But that's what makes it difficult. Does that make sense?

During finals week, I will have two traditional final exams, a 20-page portfolio due for my fiction-writing class, and I will also turn in a research paper that will be between 20 and 30 pages. Which is a substantial amount of work, though I will refrain from complaining too loudly because I know that there are seniors who had to write, you know, their thesis this semester.

So the plan was to take advantage of my lack of real homework due this week to get ahead, really space things out, and set myself up for a manageable finals week. That has been partially successful, in the sense that I have been making solid headway on my fiction portfolio and conducting more research for the paper. But I’m not making really incredible progress by any means, and I already see a couple of Opus Magnum-aided all-nighters in my near future. Finals week is always a test of willpower and a legitimate marathon. Getting through one always leaves me with a true sense of accomplishment.

In the meantime though, I suppose I hope I find the time and opportunity to enjoy the snow a little before finals week really hits. Not that trudging across campus in my all-purpose boots isn’t all that anyone has ever wanted. I’m walking in a winter wonderland, as they say. Winter, yes. Wonderland? Maybe less so when you’re up to your shoulders in papers to write.