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Decorum and Decoration

February 1, 2013   

The college dorm room is supposed to be a reflection of character.  Each knick-knack reveals something about the inhabitant; a telling story exists behind those posters and concert tickets hung up on a wall.  Though most dorm rooms are practically identical, the student makes it specifically his or her own.

I feel I am missing the fun of college dorms as I have taken a very minimalist approach to decorating my room.  There are few mementos across my desk aside from the usual clutter of books, pens, keys, etc.  There are no posters hung up on my wall; no cork board chock full of pictures.  I brought an American flag to hang up, but it proved to be a fire hazard, so I removed it.  Mine is just a simple, humble and most of all straight-forward college dorm room.

My roommate, Jack Moses, has taken greater strides to personalize his space.  As I write, I stare at his large, dominating posters for The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction.  He bought colorful magnets for our refrigerator.  He even has a poster for something called “Crawfest”—which is apparently a musical festival in New Orleans with hefty servings of crawfish, which Jack attended in April 2011.

I walk into the room and have an instant sense of who Jack is; I, however, remain as blank as the wall behind my bed.  I just never collected that many mementos.

I have resolved to liven up my side of the room, to add decorations aside from the few cooking utensils I store in my shelves.  But the question remains: with what?  I need to find a few defining aspects about my life, a few passions which I can condense into poster form.  And for that matter, where do I buy posters?  I have to condense a life’s worth of experiences, of passions, into a few days of shopping.