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We Are Team Howler Monkeys

April 25, 2009   

HamTrek is coming up. It’s an annual triathlon that Hamilton College hosts to try to reduce dorm overcrowding by putting its students into cardiac arrest. The triathlon features a drowning section (525m swimming), a heart attack section (9 mile biking) and a Charlie horse section (3.1 mile run).

I did the biking section my freshman year, without training, with a mountain bike one of my friends described as “a tank.” The outcome was not good: my 250 pound biology teacher, Professor Lehman, lapped me. Twice. In short shorts.  

But this year will be different. I switched to the running section, which I’m pretty good at, and am actually training (it helps!). But even if it’s an unmitigated disaster, we had a pretty sick time choosing our team name. My ideas were: Epic Fail, Pre-Med Bipeds, Tom Coppola + chicks, Booty Sweat, Rock Hard Butts, and Gonna Blow Chunks. Julianne ultimately thought of our name, but I kind of liked Fallon’s Zimbabwe Resistance Front as well.

Today’s Shout-Out! goes to Fallon Chipidza (2010) and Julianne Tylko (2010). We’re gonna win! (slowest team award)