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Snowshoes, skis, and skates

January 22, 2011   Over the river, and through the woods, to have fun in the snow we go…

Today I led a group of students on a snowshoe stroll through the Glen. It was great to meet some new people and spend time outside. We met at the Glen House, everyone borrowed some snowshoes (so many people came that we almost ran out) and then we started on our short adventure through the Glen.

Our journey took us from the Glen House, down a steepish hill, over a stream, up another hill, and over towards the Kirkland Glen loop, and then back to the Glen House for hot chocolate. I had a lovely time talking with people and spending some time outside in the snow.

I haven’t been in the Glen since the snow began falling this year and I was happy to be back walking through the trees. I’ve forgotten how much I prefer being outside to get my daily dose of exercise. Instead of running indoors for what seems like forever with the field goal not getting any closer, I would much rather actually move from one place to another.

I’ll be heading back to the Glen much more this winter with snowshoes in tow. Or maybe I’ll try some cross-country skiing.

Also, there was a Late-Night ice skating event last night that was completely awesome. Pizza, free skate rentals, a cappella on ice, and music made for quite a fun night. It was great to see all different levels of skaters: some who had obviously been skating for quite a while, or others who had never skated in their lives. I’ve skated only a few times before. I’m sure I looked quite silly with my flailing arms, funny faces, and occasional yelps as I struggled to keep my balance, especially towards earlier in the evening. I’m quite proud to say that I fell only three times. My last two spills were within probably 30 seconds of each other and then I couldn’t get up without help because I was laughing so hard.

I’m enjoying the winter months much more then I thought that I would when I first came to Hamilton last year. I’m super excited for my camping trip next weekend. I’ll be sure to post pictures with an entry about the trip when we get back.