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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008   

I finally made it through my countdown to seeing Jon Stewart and Thanksgiving break. Jon Stewart’s speech was amazing. It was really interesting to see him think on his feet – he made fun of Al Ham, our mascot, responded to questions in stride, and even poked fun at the sign language translator. It was great to hear his opinions on the recent election and just hear how smart he is.

It got a little crazy this past week with work – everything always seems to be due right before break. I suppose that’s probably better than having everything due at the end of break, though – at least I’m mostly off the hook for a while. My professors have always been really great about leaving breaks for relaxing and being with your family, instead of having to worry about work.

I’m spending this week at home with my girlfriend, cooking, reading, playing board games, and re-charging my batteries. I’m excited to see my extended family for Thanksgiving and spend the day stuffing myself. Happy Thanksgiving!