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A Traveler's Guide

February 20, 2007       We car-less travelers are extremely lucky that Hamilton is located near two major airports (Syracuse and Albany), a bus and Amtrak station in Utica, and numerous cab companies to shuttle us back and forth (on official breaks, Hamilton offers rides to both airports and Utica station). I usually travel by train, but all travel has the possibility to be a pain free experience if you follow these simple guidelines:

DO: Buy your ticket in advance. You’re traveling on a college student’s budget, after all.

DON’T: Worry too much about the weather when booking your ticket. According to weather.com only a week before my trip, last Thursday was supposed to be a wonderful “warm” day, almost reaching the mid-thirties. However, we were hit by a Nor’easter on Wednesday (as you might have heard from the jovial snow day entries…I, on the other hand, was mortified) and I had a very stressful traveling day.

DO: Call ahead and make sure your train, bus, or flight is on time. Then call a cab/con your  friend/boss who drives (Thanks for the offer, Kyle (Graham 06’ our wonderful admissions officer)).

DON’T: Slyly ask your friend to borrow their car because you’re “heading out” and will “be back soon.” Trust me, they will notice.

DO: Be careful who you sit with. You will have to deal with your decision for several hours. Try to avoid the sprawled out sketchy guy, the girl with the cell phone glued to her face, the kid watching a laptop movie with no earphones, and all small children. If you’re traveling by plane, good luck with the assigned seating.

DON’T: Be any of those people mentioned above.

DO: Bring your own food. I like to bring bagels and fruit from Commons, one of Hamilton's Dining Halls.

DON’T: Buy/eat the food they offer...Ever.