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"Great. Another all-campus email."

November 13, 2006   

I’m only nineteen, so I try not to assume I’m anywhere near worldly. That being said, I truly believe college is one of the most opportunity-laden periods in life. I’ve done a lot this year, simply because the opportunity was offered to me, and I responded with, “Well, why not?”

A Hamilton student receives, on average, 8 to 10 all-campus emails a day. These range from simply a calendar of daily events to advertisements for meetings and contests. For most of freshman year, I simply deleted these e-mails, a little annoyed with the amount of inbox space they were occupying.

This year, though, I’ve responded to a lot of emails, and there’s still more I never get around to. I did send a submission to Red Weather, our literary magazine, but I didn’t make it to the Pumpkin Carving Competition in Commons. I actually received this position from Admission by simply applying after receiving an all-campus e-mail, but I have yet to actually go to the newly-formed Ballroom Dancing Club.

Similarly, when I’m not in a conference at the Writing Center, I usually spend my hour just surfing around the Hamilton Web site, digging up all sorts of interesting tidbits about my school. For example, the Bike Co-Op has several maps available for cycling routes ranging from woodsy and intense to a simple, relaxing ride down the road. All the Greek organizations have self-published descriptions, and three of the four a cappella groups on campus maintain their own Web sites. There are also a slew of organizations I didn’t even know existed: The Angling Club, Shooting Club and Whitewater Association, for instance.

Clearly, internet snooping has its perks; sometimes I think our Web site might be even more engrossing and time-consuming than, say, Wikipedia.