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Last weekend was a good one

April 12, 2007   

Some weekends are just plain great. You get all your work done, you do fun stuff, the weather is nice – well, those first two applied to last weekend. (My apologies to anyone who read one of my posts from last week in which I said the weather was nice. It’s not nice. It might have been then, but right now it is being very, very cruel.)


But like I said, this was a great weekend. Friday started with a short folk music concert in the middle of the day. In the evening, my friends took me out to a local Applebees restaurant to celebrate my birthday. The big two-zero. I am pretty excited to be out of my teens. Another one of my friends had her birthday this week, so we were celebrating her birthday last Friday, too. That was a lot of fun.


Later on that night, I attended a semi-formal hosted by a friend’s sorority. It was a nice change of pace to get a little dressed up. I like wearing a blazer and whatnot, but there just isn’t much opportunity for it. They had great, healthy snacks at the dance too, like fruits and cheeses. I could only stay for about an hour before I had to go back to my room to do some homework.


Saturday was also filled with activity. I got up very early and had finished breakfast by 9:00. The dining halls are pretty bare that early, but hey, no lines! I logged a few hours in the library and then decided I needed some physical exertion. So, as is my custom when the weather is agreeable, I went for a run into the center of Clinton. It was a good run, probably 10 minutes down and 20 back up. I took a break in between, though, and stopped in at the pharmacy, the KAC Thrift Store, and the natural foods store. I don’t recall much of what I did that afternoon. I think I was working. Then I had dinner in Commons with some friends before heading back to the library for a little night session.


After tackling the work that I needed to, I figured I would stop by an a cappella concert. It was a really good concert. Two Hamilton groups performed, The Hamiltones and Tumbling After. The Eaststreeters, from Williams, and The Colgate 13, from, yeah, Colgate, both also performed. All the groups brought a little something different. The two Hamilton groups joined together to sing the last song of the evening. College a cappella music might not be for everybody, but I love it.


And yet, there was still more fun to be had on this Saturday night. I met up with some other friends in my dorm, Bundy West, and we made the short trip to the Bundy Dining Hall for the annual GLOW Party. As you can probably guess, there is a lot of glowing at said party. They hand out about a million of those neon glow sticks and people wear white clothing so that the many black-lights at the party make them look all crazy. We danced our faces off until the party ended a little after 1:00 in the morning.


Sunday was work-filled, but due to my weekend-long diligence I chose to reward myself. On Sunday night I went to an on-campus showing of the movie Children of Men. I hadn’t seen it before, so I was glad to finally see the film that I had heard so much about. This entry has gone on long enough, so I'll just say, "I liked the movie very much." Well, that was my weekend. The week since then has been pretty busy too. Two papers, an exam later today – ah, the life of a college student! I think, though, that after this exam it will be smooth sailing until finals. Lucky you, that means I will have plenty of time to write more journal entries.