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You Never Know

April 9, 2010   On Monday I went to a Comp Lit department gathering on the top floor of Root. These are usually quite fun because we all know each other, and the professors know almost all of us really well. Sometimes even non-majors who just really like the Comp Lit department show up to see what courses are being offered next semester and what the reading material is like.

I went with Maeve, who is an English major, but who is currently taking Literary Theory, which is a Comp Lit course. We chatted with other students for a while, snacking on chips and hummus. The top floor of Root is a really adorable lounge that is sort of like an attic but a lot brighter because the windows let in the light. There are several sofas, chairs and bookshelves in this room, which make it a really nice place to congregate.

Anyway, a prospective student was visiting campus that day and happened to stop by the party with her father, a Hamilton alumnus. I was told that she was interested in physics (and also liked to read) so I was super excited to talk to her. She was delightful and had a lot in common with me. We both agreed that a school like Hamiton is great because you can take so many different classes without having to stress too much about major requirements. We also discussed how students in the physics department are not competitive and that we work together on a lot of our assignments. I think this holds true for most departments and the College in general — when you come here, you're pretty much on par academically with everyone else, and we each have our own strengths. In high school, you're forced to be good at basically everything in order to get recognized as a top member of the class. Here, things are completely different — Hamilton values you as a student because you have something unique to offer.

Meeting this prospective student made my day because it made me realize once more that the people I'm surrounded by have similar interests and life goals. This girl was totally awesome (and only a sophomore in high school!) and I wish her the best in her college search. If you want to have a really animated conversation with someone when you visit campus, find me because I LOVE prospective students!