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I Miss Luke

April 29, 2010   A lot of Hamilton juniors (35-45%) study abroad each year. While I was not one of them, several of my friends decided to leave campus for the year, or for just a semester.

Fellow journalist and Women's Studies major, Luke Maher, is spending this semester in New York City! Many of you have read all about his great adventures in the Big Apple. The New York City program offers students a chance to study off campus without leaving the country. Each semester has a different theme — the Fall 2009 theme was: "International Political Economy" and the Spring 2010 theme is "Philosophy and Globalization."

Students in the program take a couple of classes to discuss the theme and have a part-time internship as well. The end of the semester culminates in a long, long, long term paper that synthesizes what they have learned in the classroom and internship position.

Perhaps Luke is having too much fun in New York, because he has failed to return any of my text messages or Facebook posts since he left. Because Hamilton is such a small school, it is pretty hard to miss someone's presence (or lack of) on campus. Personally, I miss making Hannaford runs with Luke to get sorbet, hearing him give tours from halfway across campus and gossiping about the Women's Studies department.

So Luke, and all my other friends who are studying abroad ... I love you all very much and would love it if all of you sent me an email letting me know that you are still alive.