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My sister came up for the weekend!

November 14, 2006       On Friday, Kelly came up on the Amtrak, which has a station conveniently located only 20 minutes away in Utica. After giving her the obligatory tour (because that’s what I do), I took her to Commons at rush hour to get the full dining hall experience. She finally got a slice of pizza after much inner debate, and then we went to the Campus Activities Board sponsored concert in the Events Barn. Kelly was so excited for her first “real” concert and was surprised that we were able to get so close to the performers. For those of you who haven’t visited, the Barn is a relatively small, circular room. So even with the floor packed and people hanging from the balcony, the concert was still very intimate. Griffin House was the opener, and he had a very folk singer-esque quality. The headliner, Mat Kearney, had a song that appeared on the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy and was on Conan O’Brien the night before. So he was a pretty big deal, and now we can both say that we saw him!
    Saturday morning, my sister and I went to the fitness center and rewarded ourselves with crepes (and omelets…and garlic knots) in Commons. Godfrey (aka the 7-Up guy and commentator on Vh1 shows) was supposed to come that night, but he got sick and couldn’t make it. I know. I was devastated. But I forgive you, Godfrey. Chris Fleming, a young, hip, fresh, new and…young comedian, was his replacement and he was pretty funny. His style was similar to Jim Carey’s. He made a lot of awkward movements, gestures and funny voices. Then I found out he was a sophomore. Like, my age…and he can go around doing standup and command an audience for 40 minutes. And now I’m wondering what I’m going to do with my life. Thanks Chris Fleming. It’s not so funny now.
    On Sunday, my mother and step-dad drove up to take Kelly home. Before leaving, we ate lunch at the pub in the Alexander Hamilton Inn in Clinton. I think it’s a rite of passage for Hamilton students to eat there (I’ve been there 3 times already). The food is delicious and the room has a very quaint, country quality. I like it. And they had Christmas decorations up. I'm in a very festive mood right now because of the decorations. I'm spraying "evergreen and fresh snow" Febreeze all over my room. Come fast, Thanksgiving. Come now.