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A belated congratulatory note

April 9, 2010   

So you received the acceptance letter, danced up and down, and finally realized that college is just around the bend. 

The future tends to always be exciting and scary at the same time, though usually in different amounts. I think that's because the "unknown" nature of the future is just that -- exciting and scary. 

That said,  you may have received multiple acceptance letters, one from Hamilton and a number of others from other schools, and may now have some difficulty choosing between colleges. 

My advice is that you visit the different colleges (again, if you have done so already). 

The Spring is a great time to visit Hamilton, because a large number of students are outside enjoying the sunshine and more than willing to answer any number of questions you may have. Furthermore, if you originally visited in the winter or fall, it will be a great chance for you to see campus life through a totally alternative lens. The reality is that the seasons here have a major impact on campus life, which isn't to say that one season is necessarily better than another, but they certainly are different.

For yourself though, consider what you are looking for in a college when trying to make your decision. Here, you'll find a cozy campus that provides a fantastic backdrop for developing close relationships with students and professors. You will also be given substantial academic freedom and significant opportunity to go abroad. 

For me personally, and everyone else that I know here, the seasons, environment, and opportunities have been overwhelmingly positive. I don't know folks that chose Hamilton and then regretted their decision. 

But this is just my advice to you -- please take it into consideration. 

And once again -- Congratulations!!

If you have any questions about Hamilton (i.e. college life and the college experience), please don't hesitate to contact me at jmeah@hamilton.edu.