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Wide Open Spaces

April 9, 2010   

I've been spending a lot of time job hunting lately, and to little avail (admittedly though, I've decided to stop looking and wait until I actually move into the city to begin hunting again). 

For many of my friends though, the experience of job-hunting, applying for fellowships, and applying to graduate school has turned up an array of opportunities. 

In the sciences, a number of my neighbors above and to the left of me have been accepted into prestigious graduate school programs. One person next year will begin working on his Ph.D in neuroscience at Cornell and two others will be studying biochemistry and physics respectively at MIT. 

To the right of my dorm room are students who have recently accepted job offers at some of the most prestigious economic consultancy firms (i.e. NERA) and investment banks (i.e. Goldman Sachs) in America. 

Still others on my floor are awaiting final responses regarding their Fulbright applications. Those folks (two specifically) are currently finalists.

And this is just a summary of the future opportunities being pursued by the people in my dorm!

Another friend of mine will be at Google next year working on software development and another will be a financial analyst with Bloomberg. 

Others that I know will utilize their language degrees to begin business and/or academic excursions into China and other parts of East Asia. 

So, for me personally, I'm not that concerned about the future and my job prospects. I plan to ride the wave of optimism here all the way into an employment position in Washington, D.C.. this summer. 

Wish me luck!