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Next, the Fall

May 9, 2010   I'm going to be a college senior. A thesis-writing, grad-school-applying, soon-to-be-independent-from-my-parents'-financial-support college senior. And quite frankly, I could vomit just thinking about it. I've spent 21 years carefully constructing a personality around being immature, irresponsible and generally a perpetual ward to my parents, so the idea of the real world - and especially its proximity to me - is really starting to make me uncomfortable.

Of course, the greatest part of college is that you can willfully ignore the immanence of adulthood. Which is, for the next year or so, exactly what my plan is. I am, however, really excited for next fall, since I've already registered for classes and confirmed my room. And let me be the first to say, I think my fall schedule marks the highest frequency of the word "sex" in anyone's class schedule ever!

My classes are:
Anthropology 331: Sex Work and Emotional Labor.
Biology 215: Genetics and Society.
Math 437.5: Seminar on Topology.
Sociology 323: Seminar on Sexuality and Social Theory.

The schedule layout is also fantastic (three days a week I only have an hour of class), but I promise that didn't factor into the decision at all. So every time I start to freak out about being so old, I use my class schedule to go even deeper into denial - you know, the way every kid who's within a year of graduating does.