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Finally, the Present

May 9, 2010   So when I finished my internship in the city, I commemorated the occasion by making my boss, Hilary (who I am, in no uncertain terms, well beyond obsessed with) a mix CD. It was called "Because Nothing Says 'Thanks for Being a Spectacular Boss' Quite Like an Awkward Mix CD," and it featured some of the greatest hits from Björk ("Wanderlust [Ratatat Remix]"), Jay-Z ("Young Forever" from Coachella), Beyoncé ("Naughty Girl [Oli Chang Cinematic Remix]"), Lady GaGa ("Alejandro [The Sound of Arrows Remix]"), and a whole host of others that were wildly inappropriate for an office context.

And aside from taking me out to a delicious lunch - and for some delicious drinks after work - my boss returned the favor by getting me what I can only characterize as the greatest parting gift that's ever been given: a messenger bag/purse, patterned with a tasteful taupe-and-pink floral that could well have been June Cleaver's favorite apron in a past life, and emblazoned with the words "'high maintenance' doesn't even begin to cover it." She said that it virtually screamed "LUKE!" to her in the store.

I had the most absolutely perfect intern experience at Lambda Legal - if you ever need or want an internship, GO THERE - but even if I hadn't, my new favorite accessory still would've made it one of the greatest experiences of my life. So when you see me wandering around, digging through my bag to find a mint, try to control your jealousy.