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I Miss Kate

May 9, 2010   Kate did a much better job summarizing this New York City program than I ever could in her post "I Miss Luke" - arguably her best post ever, to be sure. But let me reiterate here as well: this is a virtually one-of-a-kind opportunity, and for a kid like me to live in the city for a semester, get an amazing internship and take some incredibly unique classes with one of Hamilton's most spectacular professors - and I'm serious, for anyone at Hamilton who might be reading this: TAKE A CLASS WITH RICK WERNER - it's an experience from which I absolutely couldn't have asked for more.

That said, I'm really excited to get back to Hamilton. As Kate said, Hamilton's a community, and you notice when someone isn't around; and if you leave, you definitely realize that a community like that can't really be found everywhere. I'm ready to get back to campus, if for no other reason than to make 20 consecutive Panera runs to catch up over lunch with all the people I haven't seen for an entire semester.

And confidential to Kate: I know you're going to be on campus over the summer too, so consider yourself warned that our inaugural sorbet run will be a lot sooner than you think.